I’m a DETERMINED Trial Attorney in NYC committed to EQUALITY & JUSTICE FOR ALL!!  I have been practicing criminal law for 27 years, and DEFENDING for 25.  Over 100 criminal trials.  I graduated from Cornell Law School, J.D. ’89, and Cornell University, School of Arts & Sciences, AB ’86.  I’m a Puerto Rican Feminist and speak Spanish fluently.  I had the fortune to meet Dr. Cornel West when I was retained by one of his colleagues, who was scheduled to be arrested by police on misdemeanor charges.  In 2015 the three (3) of us went together to a Brooklyn Precinct for the purpose of surrendering my client.  I was able to persuade the Detective to give my client a Desk Appearance Ticket (“DAT”), a rare occurrence on an Assault case.  My client was given a court date after being processed at the precinct for a number of hours, and didn’t have to spend the night in jail!  Previously, I effectively obtained a DAT on a sexual assault misdemeanor case!!  My client, as well as Dr. Cornel West, and I spent a few of hours together at the Precinct discussing the Criminal Injustice System.  I am grateful for Dr. Cornel West for Listening and Speaking the Truth!!