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27 years Fighting for Justice and Equality, and defending clients on over 100 criminal trials, Laura M. Miranda’s entire career has been dedicated to Preserving and Expanding Constitutional and Civil Rights for ALL, including documented and undocumented Immigrants.  Fluent in Spanish, Ms. Miranda also teaches clients who face the injustices of Police, FBI, IRS, SEC, Criminal, Supreme, and Federal Court, how to effectively assert their rights.  #BlackLivesMatter, #LatinoLIvesMatter, #WeAreAllImmigrants, #WeAreAllEqual!


In 1989, when she graduated from Cornell Law School, Ms. Miranda began living her teenage dream to become a Public Defender.  The first seven (7) years of her career Ms. Miranda worked at the NYC Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division.  Passionately, and compassionately, defending the indigent she was responsible for investigations, line-ups, grand jury presentations, legal memoranda, habeas writs, hearings, trials, as well as teaching interns and young attorneys the ropes.
Over the past 25 years she’s lectured on Criminal Defense practice, throughout the five (5) boroughs and upstate NY, including New York Law, Brooklyn Law, Fordham Law, Hofstra Law, and Cornell Law.  Lectures include, “The Future of Social Justice Lawyering” at the Brennan Center for Justice; “Progressive approach to Defending a Criminal Case” and “Cross-Examination” at CUNY Law School; “Stop & Frisk” at John Jay College; “Legal Aid to NYS Supreme Court Clerkship to Private Practice, and “Race, Class & Gender” at Cornell Law School; “Sex Crimes” at Fordham Law School;  “Defending the Criminal Case” at NY County District Attorney’s Office, Internship Program; and “Motion Practice” at New York Law School.


Due to Ms. Miranda ‘s extensive knowledge of Criminal Law & Procedure, in 1996 she followed Legal Aid with a two (2) year clerkship in NYS Supreme Court, advising Judge Nicholas Figueroa on complex felony legal issues at pre-trial hearings and criminal trials.  She drafted nine (9) of Justice Figueroa’s legal decisions published in the NYLJ.  On two (2) decisions damaging evidence, unlawfully obtained by police, was precluded at trial.  Both made the front page of the NYLJ.  As a Law Clerk, Ms. Miranda also instructed law interns and attorneys, assigning legal issues for them to research, and critiqued their memos of law.


At her own private law firm for the past 18 years, previously located at the Empire State Building, Ms. Miranda has defended serious, as well as minor crimes, upholding her commitment to make a difference, Demanding Equal Rights for individuals accused of committing crimes, including People of Color and Immigrants.  Even more important, empowering her clients to have a voice, to stand up for themselves and others.  Her office is located one (1) block North of the World Trade Center, 100 Church St. Ste. 801, NY, NY 10007; Cell 917.696.7933; lawmiranda@msn.com


For the past ten (10) years Ms. Miranda has also been hired by other law firms and attorneys as a Consultant, to help defend their clients.  She’s advised on Voir Dire, Trial Strategies and Negotiated Plea-Bargains with Prosecutors on NY State & Federal felony cases.


In 2015 and 2009, Ms. Miranda’s expertise was also sought by Thomson Reuters, when the publisher invited her to write chapters for “Inside the Minds, DEFENDING DUI VEHICULAR HOMICIDE CASES.”  Serving to instruct Trial Lawyers, both chapters were published: “Checklist for Effective Representation on a DUI Vehicular Homicide” and “Selecting a Defense Strategy: Understanding the Charges, Analyzing the Evidence, and Always Considering Your Client.”

Currently, 2016, in NYC, Ms. Miranda is defending a High Profile DWI Homicide, where an MTA driver died after the truck her client drove impacted the bus.  In Puerto Rico Federal District Court, Ms. Miranda represents a client charged on a High Profile Child Pornography case, arrested after a Nationwide Sting Operation.  In Middle District of PA Federal Court, she currently defends a client on another High Profile case, charged with National and International Narcotics Trafficking.


Although her law firm is in New York City, Ms. Miranda sued a National Corporation in Puerto Rico Federal District Court, deposed defendants in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has defended clients in CT, MA, and PA, state courts, on Narcotics Trafficking, Conspiracy, Weapons, Bank Robbery, and Murder charges.


From 2012 to 2014, she aggressively defended Notorious Narcotics Trafficker “Sebastian”, one of the most wanted International Fugitives, accused of running Colombia’s “Oficina de Envigado”, originally Pablo Escobar’s International drug trafficking operation.  Ms. Miranda traveled to Medallin, Colombia, to investigate the charges and met several times with her client in Boyacá prison, as well as met in Bogota with Colombian Legal Counsel, responsible for fighting extradition.
In addition, 2013 to 2014, on one of her NYC White-Collar Federal Criminal cases, Ms. Miranda defended a TOP SEC Compliance Auditor investigated for Insider Trading, and accused of Fraud.  She Successfully negotiated “DP”, deferred prosecution, obtaining a dismissal of all the charges.  Likewise, Ms. Miranda has represented individuals accused of Tax Evasion, Embezzlement and Money Laundering, obtained probationary sentences, fines, and/or guilty pleas on behalf of the corporation, instead of the individual accused.


Noteworthy, on a Vehicular Homicide case in Staten Island, Ms. Miranda effectively negotiated a reduced plea to Negligent Homicide, with 6 months incarceration and a sentence of probation, where her client was drag racing and the Fire Department’s volunteer therapist died in the accident.


Impressive, Fighting for Justice, on a gun possession case at La Guardia Airport, despite there being no illegal search, Ms. Miranda negotiated an ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal).  Her client’s case was dismissed and sealed in six (6) months.



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